Brief History of the Town of Jicin

Review of the most important dates

6th centuryThe arrival of Slavic tribes, Slavic fortifications in Prachov rocks and Cesov
after 1250Fortification of the Jicin basin at Brada and Velis castles
1291The Queen Jitka is the landlord of the Velis demesne with the Stary Jicin (Old Jicin) settlement
1293The first record of the town as part of the Queen's possession
1297–1304the founding of the town of Jicin, transfer of city rights from Stary Jicin to the new site
1302Lev of Konecchlumí gains the town of Jicin and the Brada castle
beg. 14th cent.The Chapel of St. John the Baptist is built as the first bricklayed building in Jicin
1304–14Jicin is a royal town
1316Jicin pledged by Jan of Luxembourg to Puta of Frydlant
1326The Velis demesne and the town of Jicin pledged to Benes of Vartemberg
1337Jicin finally sold by Jan of Luxembourg with the consent of Karel Jan of Vartemberg
1348Charles IV issues a decree declaring Jicin a hereditary property of the Vartembergs
around 1390The first large bricklayed building – the Church of St Jacob the Greater
1416Cenek of Vartemberg sold the royal city rights to Jicin
1437–52Held by Hasek of Valdstejn
1452Jiri of Podebrady takes over the demesne and the town, the city rights are confirmed, two annual markets allowed
1480–88Late Gothic redesign of the Church of St Jacob the Greater, interrupted by the Hussite wars
1488–1607Jicin possessed by the Trcka's of Lipa, becomes the capital of their demesne
after 1540Beginning of the Late Gothic constructions
1550–78New fortification with three towers – Valdicka, Holinska and Prazska (Prague)
1578Valdicka tower finished
po 1580Renaissance constructions
1589Large fire in the town
Tax redemption for three years
1605Rudolf Trcka confirmed all previous privileges and gives the tax right
1607–20Jicin and the Kumburk demesne belong to the Smiricky family
1608Renaissance palace constructed
1620Argument over the property between Eliska and Marketa Smiřicky, the palace partially demolished in an explosion
1621Albrecht of Valdstejn takes over the Kumburk part of Smiricky's demesne
1623Jicin becomes Valdstejn's property upon the Imperial resolution
Albrecht of Valdstejn appointed the generalissimus (chief commander of the Imperial Army)
Jičín becomes the capital of Frydlant Duchy
1624Nove Mesto ("New Town") founded as the quarter of craftsmen and farmers
1625The Duke's palace constructed according to the revised project by Andrea Spezza
1627Frydlant Duchy established, Jicin becomes the residential town, the Mint founded in Jicin
Albrecht of Valdstejn issues a building decree for the town's construction and redesign
The new Church of St Jacob the Greater constructed according to a plan by Giovanni Pieroni
A. Spezza's project for a Carthousian monastery in Valdice started
1628The Jesuit college and Gymnasium under construction
1630Nicolo Sebregondi becomes the leading architect of the Construction Office in Jicin
Sebregondi's project for a summer resort with a loggia
1633Urban plan for the town's rebuilding by N. Sebregondi
Albrecht of Valdstejn lost the army command
25.II.1634Albrecht Vaclav Eusebius Valdstejn assassinated in Chebu
1634 Albrecht of Valdstejn's property confiscated
1635Rudolf of Tiefenbach becomes the holder of Jicin
1635–48Swedish troops break into Jicin
1656Jicin inherited by Jan Norbert of Sternberk
1658The Jesuit College extended
1661The graveyard Church of P. Marie de Sale finished
1681Large fire in the town
1684The Jesuit Seminar and a hospital built
from 1710Jicin as part of the Trauttmansdorf demesne
1745Prussian troops break into Jicin
1767Large fire in the town, Classicist rebuilding
1784Jicin becomes the land's administration centre and the seat of authorities and schools
1791Start of regular post service
1813Building of the roads
Anti-Napolean Treaty meeting in Jicin palace
from 1816City walls and towers demolished
1829National Enlightenment, regional newspaper
after 1840Late Empire reconstruction
after 1850Suburbs incorporated
Secondary schools established
from 1860Local communities established
1861The regional museum established
1866Austro-Prussian battle of Jicin
from 1870Industrial development
1871, 1888, 1904Railway connection to Hradec Králové, Turnov and Nymburk opened
1919Regional gallery built
1920Urban regulation plan made
1930Urban regulation plan by ing. arch. Cenek Musil
1934Valdstejn exhibition
10.V.1945Jicin liberated by the Russian army
1956Historical centre declared a protected urban area
1958Urban regulation and construction plan made

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